Thursday, January 16, 2014

Another happy pair of ears.

We were at the Progressive International Motorcycle Show in Washington D.C. last weekend and get a great review from a happy customer.

"The weather in MD was perfect for a nice ride on Monday, so I got the chance to try out my new     earplug - it was amazing! The difference between a custom mold and the disposables I used to use was immediately noticeable. Thanks for taking the time to make your way out to the D.C. moto show, and also for allowing me to get it at half price. (That's always been a joke among my friends, so I had to ask - but I didn't expect anyone to ever oblige!)

I will definitely be visiting you guys in PA, or if you come back to the moto show in future years, when the time comes for me to get new plugs. Thank you again for all your help and wonderful service. I hope you got some great business at the show, and have a safe trip back home!"

-Doug Flores

Thank you Doug and we hope you enjoy your custom earplugs for years.


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